A Question and an Idea for Figuring Out How to Start

by Tia Fajardo
(Port Richey FL)

Well I actually have a question and possibly an idea if you think about it. Do you have any sheet music that shows the key to be in? Like maybe if a child or parent needed to read the music sheet they might need the key if they cannot identify it themselves. This is actually also an idea in case you do not.


Hello, Tia,
I think what you mean by "the key to be in" is the piano key to start ON? In other words, the first note? If so, you are correct. I don't have any music like that, but perhaps I should think about doing that... Thank you for the idea, and check back (and also let me know if I have misunderstood you!).

If you mean the TONALITY that the song is played in, that is a very different kind of skill, and more advanced.

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