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Thank you!!
by: Beatrice

Everyone's feedback has been very helpful--I haven't been doing this for very long, I admit. And I'm much more of a singer than an instructor. That being said, picking up tricks for being a better music educator is a daily practice of mine. Sometimes I'm floored by how much I still have yet to learn. This student is now singing Clementine, and Lavender's Blue...she's doing much better!


Memorization - My Singer Can't Learn the Melody - Start Simple
by: Jen K

Your student needs a variety of simple small range songs that she can sing and memorize easily before having her learn more complex choral works and art songs. Songs with verses and refrains would be great for her. Until she can sing a song like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from memory with accurate relative pitch, she should not be singing anything more difficult. She is very young, and if her family members are not singers, she has had limited opportunities to learn songs on her own and develop the necessary child repertoire.

by: Marjorie

Hi, Beatrice,

I teach piano and not voice, but I've seen the same thing as Dana, where a student doesn't progress on a particular song because she doesn't like it. : ) Trying to assess whether the issue is will or ability is not always easy. I empathize with you about trying to make progress with a student who has little or no help at home. "For the Beauty of the Earth" is a beautiful and meaningful hymn, and for those of us with an ear for music, it doesn't seem too complicated. However, in this case, I am wondering if it might be helpful to try teaching a shorter song with much repetition in the melody and with small intervals, like "God is So Good." Perhaps she could learn to pick out the melody on the piano, and sing along with herself. I wish you well!

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