God is So Good
Lyrics and Sheet Music

God is So Good lyrics and sheet music, FREE!  This simple and sweet hymn is perfect for beginning musicians.

Like Mary Had a Little Lamb and Ode to Joy, this song has just five different notes, so it fits into the hand nicely.  Like the lyrics, the melody is predictable, but in a pleasing way... How nice that the gospel hymn's lyrics are beautiful, too.

Here's the easiest version of this pretty little hymn, free!:

God is Good lyrics and sheet music for beginner piano

Download "God is So Good" with made-easy notes for piano

This popular hymn's lyrics were invented as friends on a car trip rode along,  goes the story.  One website claims that one lady made up the melody, and soon they were all singing and making up their own verses.  I have seen more verses than the hymn song lyrics I've put into this sheet music.

Below is an arrangement that is just a bit harder, because it encourages beginning students to add the tonic chord, C, plus the IV and V chords in their smallest forms (I like to call these "baby chords"):

Easy piano song God is So Good

Download very easy arrangement of God is Good lyrics and piano music

Now here are two piano arrangements of this hymn in the keys of C and D; though they sound and look easy, they require quite a bit of skill to play!  Note that this version, and the lead sheets after, add a minor chord after the IV chord.  That's the ordinary chord progression for this song, but I decided not to use it with the very easy versions.

Piano arrangement and gospel hymn's lyrics for God is So Good

Download hymn song lyrics and music in C

Download gospel hymn's lyrics and sheetmusic in D

Here are a couple of lead sheets for violin and other instruments:

Lead sheet for easy hymn

Download hymn music in the key of C

Download hymn lyrics and music in the key of D major

And now, guitar tabs and ukulele tabs for this song... first, guitar tablature, shown here in the key of C:

Guitar tabs for God is Good in the key of C

Download guitar hymn tabs in the key of C

Download guitar sheet music in the key of D for beginners

Here is the gospel hymn for a C-tuned ukulele:

Ukulele tabs for God is So Good in the key of C

Download ukulele tabs for God is Good hymn

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