Should I Ask for Donations, or Charge for Music?

by Brendan Kelly
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)


Let me just say that, as a piano teacher of 21 years I find your site educational, informative and refreshing!

I've been toiling with the idea of adding a similar page to my personal composition website, and was thinking of charging a minimal charge for the original pieces, duets, etc.

My question is this... Does a donation button work?

As a ball-park figure, if I give the pieces away, asking only for donations, would they pay for the up-keep of the site?

I hope to hear from you, and thanks again.

Brendan Kelly


Hi, Brendan,

The short and long answer is NO, you will not make enough money on donations -- they are few and far between! So unless your object is only to share your music with the world for as little cost as possible using a free server, then I don't recommend this route as the sole approach to your site.

I see that your music occupies a small but unique niche -- Catholic music for the mass. Perhaps more too? But there are probably many people who would be thrilled to come across your site. What you might do is offer them part of each mass for free, but the whole mass for a small amount of money. I sang a few of your tunes, sitting at the computer, and I like the way you construct melodies.

If you decide that you are serious about your website, then I suggest you approach it like a business, even if it must be a part-time business... See my page Your Passion to read about a web hosting company that will hold your hand and show you how to get traffic and grow your site to make some money. It's about giving people MORE than they expect, and giving them quality.

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