Reminds Me of High School

by Devin Reneé
(Manhattan, Kansas)

I sang a song very similar to this one when I was in High School. It was "Across the Wide Missouri" (the version as sung by Ray Price), and you're right, girls DO love this song! I know that I did, and still do to this day. This is the type of song that can be appreciated by all ages of people. I loved this song, and my parents loved it. The tune of "The Water is Wide" is nearly an exact match for "Across the Wide Missouri" which is also very similar to Shenendoah. Thank you for showing and explaining the suspending chords, I would have never figured that out on my own! I am going to try and use these chords for "Across the Wide Missouri" to see how well they match up. Thanks again, for all your work and effort!!


Thanks for writing, Devin!

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