Piano by Color for the Very Young or for Low Functioning Autistic Children

by Pamela Ott

Piano by Color

Piano by Color


I am a Music Therapist and piano teacher. I have worked with 23 autistic children (all ages, all levels) on keyboard and piano skills. Several of my students were very interested in learning to play, but their attending skills, sound sensitivities, ritualistic tendencies, etc. made it very difficult for them to use a traditional method.

I finally came up with a series of songs using color coding that worked vey well with many of them. It helped several of them so much that they eventually were able to move on to a modified traditional method.

Piano by Color may be a good method to see if the interest and ability level is there for continued instruction. You can see more here:
Piano by Color


Pam, what a neat site! Thank you for letting us know about it!

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