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June 07, 2018

Dear Fellow Musicians,

You are probably tired of hearing about how your favorite websites have updated their privacy policy.

I'm tired of all that GDPR stuff, too, so I'm not going to mention it! Nor how my site is now "https" instead of just "http," and how that means it is considered SECURE.

Moving on!

"When the Saints" is my newest arrangement, written primarily for piano. There are several arrangements - one for new beginners using alphanotes, a plain arrangement, a solo with a bit of a boogie left hand, and also lead sheets for other instruments, in multiple keys).

What's nice about this song for beginning pianists is that it only requires FIVE FINGERS - the five that are already there in C "position," with no need to stretch outside the hand position! In addition, the tune is so familiar that kids pick right up on it.

See it at the Music Notes Blog

I have written a Secondo part for The Moldau to accompany the Middle C arrangement which is set in the key of Am. This is a great opportunity for little sisters and brothers to play together! And to practice broken chords!

See it at the Music Notes Blog

What's this??!! Fur Elise, written with quarter notes! I already had Part 1 of Fur Elise available, but now I have THE ENTIRE PIECE. It is much less intimidating for those younger students who wish to get started on THE WHOLE Fur Elise piece (even if it means waiting a whole year to play it well enough for a recital).

I've got a number of students working on this now - NOT MY IDEA - it was that or have them learn it badly from friends and YouTube. And I like to see them working hard and pushing on a piece they really want. See it at the Music Notes Blog

Oh, boy, this is perhaps the PRETTIEST piece on my site in a very long time! The melody pulls students in, their eyes get wide, and they WISH TO HAVE THIS PIECE.

Keegan's Waltz has been on my site for a long time, but only in the key of B minor. Therefore, it was hands off for many students for longer than need be.

I decided to set it in A minor, and it is incredibly easier to play!

See it at the Music Notes Blog

Finally, Fuzzy Wuzzy all in ONE HAND! Don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. The shared hands arrangements are still there.

See all these and more at The Music Notes Blog

Take care, & enjoy the summer! Your fellow musician, Dana

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