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March 09, 2018

Hello, Fellow Musicians,

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As always, the new stuff is what I find myself compelled to write for my students!

Newest item: enlarged primo and secondo pages of the duet "British Grenadiers". It is such a great, energetic tune, with lots of percussive effect, and I realized any reluctance I felt giving it to young students was because the notes were so TEENY! So take a look at a friendlier duet version:

For vocalists & guitarists, there are lyrics now to go with Mari's Wedding. Even boys enjoy singing this tune as they play guitar:

I've been writing quite a bit of new music lately (more black keys songs too!), but not a lot of it has yet made its way to the website. Here's a very popular one that has:

Why is this little piece so popular with students? Perhaps the quirky poem? Give it a bit of a swing and the music is irresistable. Here is a duet accompaniment for it:

You will notice the chord inversions in the secondo... I am giving my students a lot of chord inversions in some of their pieces. Theory disguised as fun!

There are also 2 solo versions of "The Little Man," both in Dm. Check these free pieces and more out at:

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