Church Music Preparation Can Be Fun

Church music or music for your band doesn't have to be labor-intensive to set up! Make sure everyone is on the same page, with software.

The story of Power Music

Power Music was developed by Brenda Cameron, who is a musician and software developer. She was the leader of a church band with a pool of about 12 musicians – with a band of 5 musicians playing at any one time. Every time the band was performing it was her job to find the music for the pieces being played and make sure there were copies of the music (in the correct key) for all the band members playing that day.

As the number of possible pieces being played by the band grew, this task was getting unmanageable so she asked the inevitable question “There must be a better way?”

She started looking around for a computer program to store, display and manage music, and to her surprise she could not find one – this was about 5 years ago! Being a software developer she decided to design and develop a program to do exactly what she needed - as a musician. So Power Music was born.

Is this your church music system?

Over the past 5 years Power Music has developed into the most feature rich application for digital music management and display. The program has developed over the years by listening to the musicians who were users of Power Music.

Power Music stores sheet music and chord sheets in a form which can searched and instantly displayed on-screen. Playlists and set lists can be created and stored. Chord sheets and be transposed and capo chords added. The display can be up to 3 columns across the screen with a mixture of sheet music and chord sheets. Page turning is achieved by using the keyboard or by a foot pedal. Using VGA splitters the same music can be displayed on multiple monitors for the whole band to see.

Power Music runs on any desktop, laptop or tablet PC running Windows XP, Visa or 7. Apple users can run Power Music using one of the many virtual machines available – VMWare, Parallels etc…Cambron Software is about to launch the next version of Power Music - Power Music 4. The main feature of this new version will be the ability to annotate your music on-screen. You can add comments, highlight sections, add musical symbols, erase notes and much more without changing the original music!

Why not have a look on the Cambron website and download a demo version?

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