Children with Autism Can Learn to Play the Piano!!!

by Dee Cucinotta
(Albany, NY)

Hi! My name is Dee Cucinotta and I am the owner of Piano For Special Kidz, where I teach only students with disabilities to play the piano. This includes Autism, from non-verbal to high functioning, Aspergers, PDD, ADD/ADHD, Downs Syndrome,TBI, students with developmental delays, issues with anxiety and focus.

Please visit my website and you can watch our Spring 2011 recitals. We have two - a smaller one for children that have difficulty playing in front of larger audiences and our regular one. Students range in age from 4 to 32 and all read notes. These kids work really hard and each is a success in their own right!

Also, please feel free to visit us on Facebook - Piano For Special Kidz. Each day we add more information regarding disabilites, practicing, music and organizations both local and national that work with disabilities. This information helps both parents and professionals. Hope this is helpful. Good luck to all!

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